Chatbot Magic App

Microdynamics software helps to developed a chatbot app. It may require multiple iterations and improvements to deliver a robust and user-friendly experience.

Automated chat agents for customer service
and sales

In Microdynamic Software, automated chat agents refer to computer programs that utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage in conversation with customers. These chat agents are created to mimic human communication and are commonly employed for customer service and sales interactions.

Chatbot App Development
  • 01

    Predictive Case Intelligence

    Integrate Machine learning Chatbots to automate responses based on past conversations.

  • 02

    Natural Human Language

    Natural human-like conversations blend by past customer behavior.

  • 03

    Multiple Integrations

    Integrate chatbot over multiple social channels seamlessly.

  • 04

    Multilingual Bot

    Extend your bot’s voice worldwide through multi-language programming bots.

  • 05

    Round The Clock Service

    Provide 24x7 customer service with zero downtimes.

  • 06

    Prebuilt Templates

    Proactive responses through Pre-built templates.

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