Ecommerce Solution

The arrival of internet and smart phone has allowed every business to spread its wings. Ecommerce stores invite more and more customers as it is open round the clock, business reach increases, transaction is instant, frequent payment collection is easy are just few of the countless benefits.

We use latest technologies for Ecommerce applications so that every custom Ecommerce requirement of the business is fulfilled. We make your store available to customers 24/7 365 days a year By online, easy and efficient store management through Storefront,Shopping Cart,Store Management,Marketing & SEO,Products,Web Hosting,Analytics,24/7 Support

  • We create themes by renowned designers so that you love the look of your website and your website has a matchless identity.
  • Your online Ecommerce store will have an in-built mobile commerce shopping cart. Your online store will have mobile commerce shopping cart. This will make it easy for your customers to browse and buy from your store simply using any tablet or smart phone.
  • Our experts will customize your store understanding every requirement in detail. Know more about our experts and choose one you need the most
  • Publish blogs and articles; create lookbooks to allow customers see new arrivals everyday and encourage discussion for clarity.
  • Every template will have an individual setting which will allow you to easily and quickly customize each and every aspect of your storefront.
  • You can either use your own domain name or buy one from us that will perfectly match your business.
  • Your entire website will have an online store that will come with a complete featured content management system.
  • Along with selling products get a chance to know more about your customers and their respective shopping habits. Know their contact detail and order history with just a glance.
  • You can encourage customers to shop frequently by creating customer account at checkout. At the same time to be customer friendly allow customers to checkout at guests even without creating any account.
  • Categorize customer list based on their purchase history, location and many more.
  • Create a platform where one can order one or more than one orders with just one click making the daily order management simple.
  • Customize your store emails with language and design of your choice.
  • Products

  • You can place multiple images for products so that products can be showcased from every angle.
  • Optimize all your product pages with the help of meta tags, URL handles and titles. This will make your product page easily visible in search engine.
  • Customers can easily order and download digital products that you have from the online store that you have made to show case all latest products which are in the store.
  • Sell unlimited number of products on your online store.
  • Marketing & SEO

  • We help prospect clients easily find the store by simply using search engines. We support best SEO practises like Meta tags, title and customizable H1.
  • Run promotion and sales by offering coupon codes, the result of this is customers will save money. You can choose purpose of discount whether it is free shipping, a certain percent off on cost etc.
  • Customise your store in a way which will allow customers to buy a gift from anyone. Gift cards as store credit can also be offered.
  • Every 9Cortech website will include social media integration such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Allow your customers to leave SEO friendly product reviews on your Ecommerce website. This will encourage sales consequently improve your business.
  • Update your customers regarding any new, upcoming product or sale with the help of email marketing app.
  • Allow your Facebook fans to browse products consequently make purchase without leaving Facebook.
  • Analytics

  • A responsive and actionable dashboard of all your sales, orders as well as traffic will always help you in making the right choice needed for the growth of your business.
  • Get complete update about your products in your Ecommerce store. You will easily be updated about products which are sold out and which are remaining.
  • Reports can be sent for further analysis in a spreadsheet tool. It can also be sent to your accountant or bookkeeper.
  • Google Analytics will join hands with your online store and make it easy for you to track all visits, sales and referrals.
  • This will allow you to see from where visitors are coming to your online store and how did they find it.
  • 24/7 Support

  • Our support team is available 24/7 365 days a year. Contact our team anytime you need and listening to the issue the right solution and time required for the same will be mentioned.
  • We create a knowledge base platform for your business where user guides, manuals as well as tutorials related to your business and product will be created. All these are done to make shopping easy for your customer.
  • Our ecommerce experts, designers, marketer and developer will work with you in making your online store a huge success.
  • Our community discussion forum will allow you in taking part in conversation related to accounting, marketing and more. All these are done to make things simple, and clear with respect to your business.