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We can provide their users with powerful financial management tools, enabling them to access, analyze, and make sense of their financial data from various sources in a seamless and secure manner.

Leverage Yodlee's Financial Wellness Tools to benefit
from Open Banking

Microdynamic offers tailored payment gateway integration services for both B2B and B2C industries, bridging the gap between merchants and acquirers, thereby enhancing business efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive payment gateway solution supports all types of merchant payment processing environments, including ecommerce, retail, mobile, and restaurant, and is fortified with country-specific, multi-currency support and local payment methods to provide a holistic solution.

In what ways is Yodlee disrupting the
financial services industry?

Yodlee disrupting

Services Industry? Yodlee is a prominent cloud-based data aggregation and data analytics platform driving innovation for digital financial services.

Yodlee's technology is aiding wealth management and financial wellness providers by increasing advisor productivity, fostering financial innovation, bolstering wealth management processes, ensuring consumer data protection, and providing secure data acquisition for third-party financial service providers.