Managing Fee Categories

primarily responsible to the School for paying all tuition and other fees associated with enrollment and room and board, if applicable. This obligation also applies to any additional tuition and fees resulting from adjustments to course schedules. Students remain responsible in accordance with School policy for tuition and fees for classes from which they have been withdrawn, been dropped, failed, or failed to attend. Students must formally withdraw from all classes that they do not attend in a particular semester.


Time table

Timetables are extremely important for a variety of reasons. They ensure that no teacher is scheduled for too many back-to-back classes or for two classes at the same time. Teachers are given the opportunity to modify lesson plans during preparation periods and collaborate with their colleagues.The timetable allows students to know exactly when a specific subject is scheduled.

Manage Book Category

It helps keep track of all assets in a library and perform operational tasks in an easy and less time consuming way. For instance, this application helps librarians catalogue books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. and maintain records of issued, reissued, returned and overdue books.

  • Tracks the number of books and subscribers in a library
  • Add / manage book categories
  • Manage and edit books
  • Search books by name, etc
  • Add book details with category, price and purchase date
  • Maintain book issue date, return date and overdue days
  • Easily locate books, CD’s, and DVD’s on racks
  • Maintain details of employees who borrows booksa.

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