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School ERP

"Revolutionize your school's management with our cutting-edge School ERP software, empowering administrators, teachers, and students to thrive in the digital age."

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School ERP Software Solution

Microdynamic Software Company offers a comprehensive School ERP software solution that encompasses various modules and features. This platform is specifically designed to assist schools in efficiently managing their administrative and academic processes.


About School ERP App

School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a management tool designed to help schools manage their administrative and academic tasks efficiently.


Your Education Plan In Day Wise & Month Wise

School ERP Software's education plan feature is designed to help schools plan their academic activities in a structured manner. With this feature, schools can create and manage their education plans on a day-wise or month-wise basis.

The day-wise education plan allows schools to create a detailed schedule of activities for each day. This schedule can include information such as class timings, subject-wise topics to be covered, assignments, and exams.

With School ERP Software's education plan feature, schools can also assign tasks and responsibilities to specific teachers or staff members.


Student Management

Student management is a core feature of School ERP software, which helps schools to manage and track the academic progress of their students.

With student management in School ERP software, schools can easily manage the admission process of students, including registration, documentation, and fee payment.

School ERP software's student management module provides a comprehensive gradebook that allows teachers to record and manage student grades, homework assignments, and progress reports.

Manage Student in Class Wise

School ERP software that manages students in a class-wise manner is a comprehensive management system designed to simplify the task of managing students' records and academic progress.

The class-wise management feature of School ERP software enables schools to easily manage students' academic performance and progress.

School ERP software also allows schools to generate class-wise reports, such as attendance reports, progress reports, and exam reports.


Teacher Management

Teacher management is an essential aspect of any school ERP software. It helps schools to manage their teaching staff and streamline their administrative processes.

Teacher information management: School ERP software allows administrators to manage teacher profiles, including personal information, qualifications, teaching experience, and contact details.

Attendance management: This feature allows teachers to mark attendance for themselves and their classes, and administrators can access real-time attendance reports for teachers.

Manage Student Attendance

School ERP software offers several tools to help schools manage student attendance. Teachers can use the software to take attendance quickly and easily, either through a web interface or a mobile application.

The software can also be configured to send alerts to parents or guardians in real-time when their child is absent. This ensures that parents are aware of their child's attendance and can take appropriate action.

School ERP software makes student attendance management more efficient, accurate, and convenient.


Manage Salary Grade

A School ERP Software that manages salary grade is a feature that allows schools to manage and automate the process of salary calculation and disbursement for their staff.

The salary grade management feature in School ERP software provides a user-friendly interface for administrators to input and manage information about staff salaries

School ERP software with salary grade management feature also allows administrators to keep track of salary deductions and allowances such as taxes, insurance, pensions, and bonuses.