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Microdynamic Software is a diverse company operating in the manufacturing industry. We cater to a wide range of businesses, offering solutions for both small-scale production as well as large-scale factories.

Enabling Manufacturers To Achieve A Dramatic Improvement in Efficiency, Performance and Productivity

In Microdynamic Software, it is believed that a smart manufacturing system must tightly integrate technologies and information for optimal results. By leveraging new and evolving technologies and solutions, along with a robust support network, we aim to enhance operational efficiency, improve performance, and reduce equipment downtime.

Our Manufacturing Service

Network Of Things

eal-time asset monitoring, predictive maintenance of assets, and connected operational intelligence through wearables are all related to the idea of leveraging technology to enhance the performance, reliability, and efficiency of physical assets.

Product Managment Lifecycle

PLM implementation, integration, infrastructure services, support and testing, upgrade and migration all refer to the range of services and activities involved in deploying and maintaining a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

Business Mobility

Integrated supply chain planning and efficiency, design and optimization, and sales and network planning are all related to the idea of optimizing and improving the performance of a company's supply chain.

Warehouse Management Chain

SAP Warehouse Management, Inventory Management System, and Manufacturing Resource Planning are all related to the idea of using technology to manage and optimize different aspects of the manufacturing and supply chain process.

Transportation Asset Management Solution

Freight accounting tools refer to software systems used to manage and track freight-related financial transactions, such as billing and invoicing.

Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Hardware warranty management involves tracking and managing warranty-related issues for hardware devices, including repairs, replacements, and returns.


Our Services

Customer support resolution
Customer support resolution

Establishing a collaborative network that improves real-time visibility into customer work history and enables faster response times and resolutions can assist businesses in cultivating lasting customer relationships.

Mobile procurement application
Mobile procurement application

Our procurement mobile app solution enables businesses to enhance their supply chain procedures and team coordination, automate workflows, and simplify purchase order creation, all while maintaining complete control over pricing and quantity.

Mobile sales application
Mobile sales application

Our field sales mobile app empowers field agents to be highly productive by automating, planning, tracking, and managing their daily sales routines, providing businesses with valuable insights into their sales activities.

Mobile service application
Mobile service application

Our custom field service mobile app solution helps businesses enhance their field technicians' efficiency by providing real-time features such as inventory tracking, automatic scheduling, service history creation, conflict resolution, and more.

Portfolio-based project management
Portfolio-based project management

Microdynamic's project portfolio management software assists manufacturers in achieving efficient business results by optimizing project portfolios, automating reporting, and balancing capacity against demand.

Shop floor tracking systems
Shop floor tracking systems

Microdynamic's comprehensive wealth management solution supports clients in managing financial advisory, portfolio management, client management, reporting and accounting, and compliance tasks.

Your Trusted Assistance Partner

Supporting and Serving All Sizes of Clients

Our Company Supporting and serving clients of all sizes means providing products, services, and resources that meet the unique needs of businesses or individuals regardless of their size. This can include offering customized solutions, flexible pricing options, and personalized attention to ensure that each client receives the level of support they require.