TouchWallet Application Development

In Microdynamic Software, the development process focuses on creating a software application for mobile devices that enables users to store, manage, and conduct transactions with their digital financial assets.

Mobile Wallet Development Services

Mobile Wallet Application

Mobile Wallet Application

Mobile Wallet Application is the process of creating a digital payment system that allows users to store, send, and receive money electronically

Implementation mobile payments

Implementation mobile payments.

Implementation of mobile payments involves the development and deployment of digital transactions using their mobile devices.

Integration to 3rd party  platforms

Integration to 3rd party platforms

Integration to 3rd party platforms refers to the process of connecting a system or services or APIs provided by third-party vendors.

Bitcoin integration

Bitcoin integration .

Bitcoin and BitPay integration refers to the process of integrating Bitcoin payment into or application using BitPay's payment gateway.

Boost The Digital Customer Experience

This could include things like optimizing the website's user interface, streamlining the checkout process, providing more personalized recommendations, or offering better customer support through digital channels. The goal is to create a more positive and seamless experience for customers when they engage with a company's digital products or services.


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Customer-Driven Solutions
Upgrading of NFC

Upgrading of NFC (Near field communication)

The goal is to improve the functionality and convenience of the system by leveraging the benefits of NFC technology.

Electrical And iBeacon Technology

Electrical And iBeacon Technology

It can be used for a variety of applications, including streaming audio, connecting to peripherals like headphones and keyboards, and transferring files between devices.

QR Code Setting

QR Code Setting

This could include things like size, color, error correction level, data encoding, and more. The goal is to customize the QR code to meet the specific needs of the application or use case.

Mobile Wallet App

Mobile Wallet App

The goal of a mobile wallet app is to provide a convenient and secure way for users to manage their finances and make transactions without the need for physical payment methods, such as cash or cards.